Samsung Galaxy Fold Price in Pakistan

The essential display of the Galaxy Fold is relatively small at just 4.6 inches. It also has a exceptionally thick black border round the display.In a released Samsung video, that looks as such should remain notably challenging after target smaller icons, certain as much the ones because of toggling among the important camera, telephoto lens and ultra-wide lens.

When unfolded,the Galaxy Fold’s show stretches after 7.3 inches, which is large than All cellphones among Samsung’s lineup.This is from what Samsung could name the Galaxy Fold both a phone and tablet. The 7.3-inch screen is big for observing videos or playing video games.

Running three apps at once

The key feature about the Galaxy Fold is Multi-Active Window, which allows to run three applications on the screen at once.This is the one of the best feature in Galaxy Fold.

samsung galaxy fold

How does the Galaxy Fold unfold?

Samsung Galaxy Fold can be unfold like a book or a diary.Their is a hinge,when a hinge disappears the two halves comes together.Samsung says such design including multiple interlocking gears, as it unfold the interlocking system get hidden.

samsung galaxy fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold Color options

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will Launch in four colors, Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue.The blue color may not be available in all regions.

samsung galaxy fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold Camera

Galaxy Fold comes up with six camera’s.Galaxy Fold has three Rear camera’s setup.12-MP wide-angle camera, a 12-MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom and a 16-MP ultra-wide camera that’s good for capturing landscapes and panorama shots.

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Galaxy Fold has three Front camera’s,10-MP selfie camera. And, when unfolded, the front right side of the Fold supports both a 10-MP selfie camera and 8-MP RGG depth camera.

CPU, RAM and storage

The Galaxy Fold is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 processor and have 12GB of RAM. You’ll also get 512GB of storage on board.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold has two batteries that combine to offer a robust capacity of 4,380 mAh,


Samsung Galaxy Fold Specifications

Starting Price  Rs 319,999
OS Android 9.0 with One UI
CPU  Snapdragon 855
Storage 512GB
External display (closed) 4.6 inches (HD+)
Main display 7.3 inches (QXGA+)
Rear cameras 12-MP wide-angle (f/1.5 to f/2.4); 12-MP telephoto (f/2.4); 16-MP ultra-wide (f/2.2)
Front camera (closed) 10-MP selfie (f/2.2)
Front camera (open) 10-MP selfie (f/2.2); 8-MP RGB depth (f/1.9)
Fingerprint sensor Power button
Colors Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue

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